Monday, November 21, 2011

Cooper's Rough Day

Cooper had to go to the pediatric dentist today for another procedure. He couldn't eat or drink anything after midnight. He was crying this morning because he was hungry. Since I had to take Baylor to school and take things in Cooper went to work with Daddy to help keep his mind off eating and occupy his time until his appointment. He packed a bag and watched a movie in Daddy's office. Tom took him to his appointment and Parker and I met them and took him home. It was rough for him today and we could hear him screaming in the office. My heart was breaking for him and the car ride home was bad too. He was so upset and kept crying.
He couldn't eat for two more hours and was almost inconsolable. Mimi came over and held him until he could eat. He was so upset. Once he was eating he started to get better. Mimi told him she would bring him a surprise. He wanted this Smurf game and he was excited. She also brought him a Geo Trax Christmas train. He was so excited! All of the boys couldn't wait for Daddy to get home to put it together.

The game was fun.

The train is so cute.

Biggest smile of the day. His eyes were so red and puffy all day from all of the crying. Thankfully he doesn't remember and he kept saying he only cried when he had to take the medicine. Poor buddy!

The train plays music and the lights turn off and on. Santa rides in the train too.

Thanks Mimi for bringing a smile to our boy.

Parker loves the train too!

Cooper has to go back one more time next week so we are praying for an easy appointment. I am also praying that this would be the end of teeth problems for our little guy. We really need to get his acid reflux and tummy issues under control so that we don't have to deal with teeth problems too. It breaks my heart!

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