Monday, November 21, 2011

Liberty Bear

Last week it was Cooper's turn to bring Liberty bear home from school. He was so excited. His first stop was straight to the washer for a nice bath. Cooper brushed him and dressed him and was ready to have fun with him during the week.
He ate every meal with Cooper, rode in the car with him, slept with him, and played with him all week long.
Notice Parker zonked out in his high chair in the background.

He took Liberty to gymnastics too.

Love his smile.

Liberty had fun at gymnastics. I think he was worn out afterwards.

Tarzan and Liberty going for a swing.

He watched from the sidelines.

Liberty went to the grocery too. He wanted to see how much he weighed.

Cooper wanted him to be safe in the cart.

He had to wear his hat and scarf when he went outside.

Eating together before school.

Coop wanted to take his picture by his Christmas tree.


We had a great week with Liberty and he is now back at school ready to head home with the next classmate. Thanks for visiting Liberty!

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