Sunday, November 20, 2011

Crafting with Mimi and Pop

On Saturday night we dropped the big boys off for a night of crafting fun with Mimi and Pop. They ate dinner at their house and then got started right away.
We saw this idea last year on a blog and wanted to try it this year. They made snowman handprint ornaments. Cooper was covered in paint according to Pop. He sure had fun.

The boys put their whole hand on the glass ball and their fingers then make five little snowmen on the ornament.

It was silly face night!

Lots of paint and lots of fun.

After all of the painting the balls had to dry and they started on scarves and hats for all of the snowmen. They each made 6 ornaments and all three boys and making them. So that 18 ornaments times 5, which equals lots and lots of scarves and hats. They worked for a long time. While they were at Mimi's house Mommy and Daddy were busy wrapping like elves. We went on a date night shopping spree Friday night and finished almost all of our Christmas shopping and it is almost all wrapped, hurray!


They are so cute. Mimi put their name and year on the bottom too.

This morning we went to church and breakfast with Mimi and Pop. Baylor went home with Mimi and worked on cutting more scarves and hats to finished all of the ornaments. I had to run to Sam's Club and then I took Parker over so we could paint his hand and do his ornaments.

He thought it was silly.

Baylor made himself a king's costume out of the scraps. He ended up staying at Mimi's all day and came home at 8:00pm. He finished all of the ornaments, made a Thanksgiving book, and other turkey crafts. He worked all day long! He even had Mimi make him chili for dinner, his new favorite meal. He loved spending the day with Mimi and Pop.

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