Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Polar Express

Tonight we went on the Polar Express with the Schultz family. The boys have been looking forward to riding on the Polar Express again this year. We watched the movie on the way to get ready for our ride. The boys were excited to go to the North Pole.

They had their golden ticket and were ready to board!
We were all so excited! They had on their Santa pajamas and brought Elfie for the train ride.

Baylor wanted to sit by Parker. He really wanted him to go with us this year.

Eli was ready for the train ride. He looked so cute in his penguin jammies.

We had our book ready to read along during the ride.

Baylor put his Elfie in the window. He wanted to make sure Daddy got him a candy cane to eat on the train because it's tradition.

We had to get our ticket punched just like in the movie.

Parker was quite happy when the chef brought around cookies and hot cocoa. He was trying to lick all of the icing off the cookie.


Hot Hot Hot!

Reading with Daddy.


Coop loves Eli. All of the boys wanted to take turns sitting by Mr. Eli.

We had a great time on the train.

At one point all of the boys were sitting together. I had fun sitting and talking with Nicole. Baby Kate stayed home with her Nana, we missed her but I'm sure she had a better time. She can join us next year.

All of the boys.

Then it was time for Santa to come to visit.

Parker didn't want to get too close today, but he would sit next to Bubby.

Baylor told Santa he wanted a puppy, Cooper said he wanted a puppy and a girl baby. I can guarantee that Santa is not bringing him a baby, but a puppy maybe?

Baylor with the conductor.

The Hobo came on the train too and Cooper was busy talking to him. He had been singing Jingle Bells for everyone around with his new bell from Santa.

The first gift of Christmas!
After we arrived back at the train station we went to dinner with the Schultz family and then headed home. We had a great night visiting the North Pole on the Polar Express.

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