Thursday, November 10, 2011

Embracing the Cozy

After dinner tonight we had a cozy night together by the light of the fire and the Christmas tree.
The boys loved doing this last year and have been anxious to start the tradition again this year. I stayed home today and got the tree completely done and it feels so cozy downstairs. Daddy made us all hot cocoa and we had fresh chocolate chip cookies by the fire.
We listened to Christmas music on Pandora and sang along too.

The boys only complaint is they miss the carpet:). We'll have to get the sleeping bags out for fire nights. I'm still looking for a big area rug for the new room.

He had fun and loves the tree. He loves pointing out "Mickey", "Nonald", and "Nanta" ornaments.

Daddy traveled some this week so we were happy to have him home!

Our tree, I love that it's up so we can enjoy it all season long.

It was a cozy night and we actually had snow flurries this afternoon.

I made a new recipe today from Taste of Home. I made lime chicken tacos and rice. They were quite tasty and everyone enjoyed them, except for Cooper who is super picky and eats like a bird. Baylor on the other hand had two big tacos and loved the rice. I would definitely make them again and think the chicken would be great for taco salad too.

All of the ingredients except for the corn. I love crock pot recipes that cook all day and make the house smell yummy.

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Emily said...

We're putting our decorations up this weekend! I'm glad we aren't the only ones who like to start celebrating early. :-)