Sunday, November 13, 2011

Happy Day Project Day 7

happy day

Today was the last day of the Happy Day Project! I have loved each day and am so happy that I participated. I hope to continue doing random acts of kindness. The holiday season will provide lots of chances. Today the task was to make blessing bags. We altered it a little and got ready for our Operation Christmas Child boxes. My Bible study group is getting together this week with all of our kids and putting the boxes together. Tom's work is also donating boxes this year, so we had lots to get ready. His work hopes to collect 200 boxes and the company is paying all of the shipping, how exciting.

Our first opportunity to serve others presented itself at church this morning. Today was the kick off for Missions Week, one of my favorites, and the theme for this year is Enlarge Your Vision. All of the kids were given these silly glasses to remind them to think big and outside of our little community. This year we are trying to build a well for a church in Haiti as well as a storage facility and generator. The kids were given a water jug to collect change in over the next few weeks. They were excited to set up the jug on the counter and have already added change.

Then it was time to gather our items for our boxes. I have collected things throughout the year and had it stored in different areas. The boys helped me get it out of bags and load it on the coffee table. They liked looking at it all and we talked about how excited kids around the world will be when they recieve their box. They were big helpers.
Last year we added handmade cards to our boxes and wanted to do that again this year. Baylor was excited to make cards.
He's quite the artist.
Cooper worked on some too.
Not sure if Parker's will make the cut, but he was busy and wanted to "draw".

On Thursday we will assemble our boxes with our friends and then take them to church to send around the world. I have done Operation Christmas Child for many years and look forward to it each year. I can remember buying stuff for these boxes with my Mama when I was a little girl. I love watching the videos and seeing sweet children receive these precious gifts. Check it out at Samaritan's Purse.

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