Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Today the big boys and Mommy had cleaning appointments at the dentist. Cooper and I picked up Baylor at school and then headed to Greenwood.
Cooper was such a big boy and did great at his appointment. Poor guy has some cavities again and has to go back to the pediatric dentist next week. They really think his acid reflux issues are affecting his teeth, breaks my heart! We are really on a low sugar kick around here now. All of our Halloween candy is gone and we are on a milk and water only kick. The boys are not super excited about this, but we can do it.

Baylor has to go back to get all of his six year molars sealed and Mommy has one small cavity that needs filled.

After our appointments we all went to visit Daddy at work. We brought him a milkshake and spent some time in his office. We are thankful for a great dentist who makes the boys feel so comfortable and it is such a positive experience even when we get news we don't want to hear. Cooper was excited that he got to watch Spiderman during his visit and loved his new toothbrush and bouncy ball.

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