Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Enjoying the Day

Today was a beautiful day with the high in the 70s. What a treat in November!
The littles and I planned to stay home all day today to get lots done. We worked all morning and then I had to get out in the sunshine. It was too lovely outside to let this day pass without playing. We ate lunch on the driveway and then played for two hours straight.

The leaves provided lots of entertainment. I tried to rake some out of the flower beds but the wind kept blowing them right back. I did make some big leaf piles that the boys thought were fun to jump and play in.

Coop dressed himself today in cowboy boots, sweatpants, and a bulldozer shirt. It was a great look, but since we were staying home I went with it.

He's going to be sad when we can't go outside this winter. Parker loves to play and enjoys the swingset.

There was lots of swinging.

We went on a hike in the woods and Cooper was our leader, scary huh?

Leaves are so much fun.

When I would rake the leaves out of a flower bed we would fill his little wagon and then he would dump it in the woods. He liked helping and kept saying more.

While they rode bikes in the driveway I was able to clean the garage and get the shoe pile sorted and under control. I'm so thankful for a nice day with great weather. Maybe we will have another warm day before the cold sets in, let's hope!

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