Friday, November 18, 2011

Thanksgiving at Conner Prairie

Today we went to Conner Prairie for a Thanksgiving celebration. Parker went to class again today and did great.
There were lots of stations for the kids to rotate through today. They could play games and make things that pilgrim boys and girls would've made long ago. Cooper loved stringing apples. He's going to hang them on the trees for the birds to eat at Thanksgiving.

We played pin the feather on the turkey.

Parker liked jumping into the hoops.

Cooper hard at work grinding corn.

Parker throwing the rings on the corn.

Carrying water is hard work.

Bean bag toss was Parker's favorite. They also got to card wool, weave, churn butter, and throw corn stalk arrows. It was so much fun!

Parker's turkey, he loved the glue stick.

Cooper wanted Mimi to sit next to him and help him the whole time. They are pals.

Parker kept saying draw.

He did really good in class again. He did loose interest on the turkey finger puppet but we read a book instead and then he was fine.

Cooper was hard at work.

At the beginning of class Miss Mary read a book and we sang a song about turkeys. The kids each had a piece to add to the board during the song. Cooper took his job quite seriously. He loves Miss Mary. She is so good with the kids!

We got to Conner Prairie early and the boys had time to play in the play area. Parker was busy working at the cash register, he loves to "pay".

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