Sunday, September 30, 2012

Game 1 of Fall Ball Tourney

Sunday afternoon was the tourney for fall ball.  Baylor has had a great season and has loved playing baseball once again.  His team has really improved throughout the season and has been very successful.  He has a great coach and has loved having Tom be an assistant coach again this year.  The Red Sox have been fun to watch all season long.  For game 1 the Red Sox played the Pirates.  The Red Sox were on fire and won by lots.  The boys were so excited and ready to take on the Reds.  It was a nice warm fall day so I was able to go watch and even took Sawyer to his first game.  He stayed in his stroller the whole time and we were able to go home in between games so he could eat and stretch out.  Baylor was happy to have us all there.  We were excited to watch him.  He had some great hits and was great at pitcher again today.

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