Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Wednesday Game for Coop

Coop had a game tonight which made for some interesting scheduling.  Tom was in California so we were thankful for Mimi, Pop, and Miss Sarah.  

Mimi drove Coop and Miss Sarah to the game and stayed and watched until she had to leave for the food pantry.  Baylor went with Mimi and helped work at the food pantry.
Miss Sarah stayed and cheered on Coop and then Pop came after work and stayed for the second half and brought them home!
Miss Sarah is a life saver and I love her so much!  She stayed with us last week while Tom was gone and it was a huge blessing.
It rained in the afternoon so we wondered if the game would be canceled but by game time it was bright and sunny.
He is so funny.
He kept saying the coach was throwing bad pitches.
Go Coop!
I think he was happy that it rained because it meant more dirt and mud.  He was excited to show me how dirty his pants were when he got home.
Cute #2!

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