Thursday, September 6, 2012

Three Weeks Old

Today you are three weeks old!
You are a sweet sweet baby.  You make cute little noises and have such funny faces.  I love to watch you.  

You love to be held and want to eat all of the time.  That's why you have such nice little rolls.
We are still working on better sleep at night.  I think our longest stretch is still three hours.  
You sleep great when I hold you.  You also like your bouncy seat and like when it vibrates.  You like to sleep with your hands above your head.
We are all crazy about you!
I am so thankful for you and feel so blessed to be your Mommy.  You truly are our perfect surprise.
Some crazy people always say, did you want a little girl, and I answer you were meant for us!  I love you and wouldn't trade you for anything!!!!  I was meant to be a mom of boys and cherish all of you!

You are getting bigger.
You move on the scale and it bounces so it's hard to read.
We think you were right at 11 pounds.
We love you sweet little one!

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Emily said...

I told the girls the other day that I still cringe every time someone sees our family and says, "Well, you finally got your boy!" Yes, we love our boy, but we love our girls too. I am sure people mean well, but sheesh! I completely agree with you. God already had a plan for the members of our family and I am so thankful for each one! :-)