Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Yuletide Celebration

We look forward to this night all year. Last year we went by ourselves since Parker was born and we were happy to go with the whole family this year.
I love these girls.
Mimi and Baylor by the White Christmas display.
Katie, Sarah, and Aunt Von.
Megan and Joe.
Baylor and Sarah.
Baylor with Jack Everly and Sandi Patti.
He had a great time.
We saw Rudolph inside.
Baylor loved seeing the real reindeer.
This is Blossom a reindeer in training.
Joe and Megan by Monument Circle.
Mommy and Daddy with our big boy.
Mama and Papa.
We have so much fun with Jenny and Chris.
Pop and Baylor sat by each other at dinner again. They are super pals.
I love him.
It was calm at dinner without our little ones.
Baylor and Uncle Joe.
One of my most favorite holiday traditions is going with our whole family to see Yuletide. I look forward to the show all season long. This year was Baylor's first time to be able to go. In our family you get to go when you are in kindergarten. This was the 25th anniversary and our Papa has taken us all every single year since then. Before the show we all went to dinner at Buca and had a great dinner. I love going there with a big group because you get to eat so many different things. The show was fabulous! I loved the entire performance and did not want it to be over. I loved watching Baylor's face during the show and seeing his smile. He had a wonderful evening. The music, costumes, sets, dances, orchestra and Sandi Patty made for an awesome show. I always hate when it is over and look forward to seeing it again next year. This year they did a tribute to White Christmas that was great, and the costumes were amazing. Thanks Mama and Papa for a wonderful night and a great family tradition!


Emily said...

We used to go every year with Jason's family... I miss it so much! This year it looked like it was going to be wonderful. I'm glad you had such a good time! What a great family tradition.

d_freestone said...

Your mother described the evening, too...it sounds wonderful! Sandy Patti is one of my favorites! So glad that Baylor could enjoy the presentation.