Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Shopping and Santa

We all crammed in the caboose. Parker was sticking his head out of the window dancing and clapping while we were going. He loved the train.
Parker was pretty happy at his Santa visit today, Ethan not so much.
When his Mommy joined him Mr. Ethan was a little bit happier.
We almost got a smile.
The big boys spent some time talking to Santa. It is so nice during the week when you are the only ones visiting. They went over their lists again. Baylor has added a sewing kit, where did that come from? I think Santa is done though!!!
After Mops on Tuesday Jen and I took the boys to Jockamos for lunch. I had to go around that area to get a gift certificate so it worked out great. Our Christmas Mops meeting was great. We had an auction and raised over $1,000 for the Women's Alternative Shelter.
Parker enjoyed the breadsticks and crackers.
Cooper was entertaining us, he is a busy boy!
Baylor sat by Ethan and they played peek a boo. He is so cute!
After school we met Jen and Ethan at Greenwood Mall to finish up some Christmas shopping. I had a few things I needed to get for Tom and Jen had to go a few places too. Jen and Chris leave for Vegas on Sunday so she wanted to try and get her shopping done. We took the boys to see Santa again and rode the train in the mall. It is definitely getting closer to Christmas because the mall and food court were packed!

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