Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Morning

Ready to go down stairs on Christmas morning. Cooper was so excited!
Checking it all out.
Spanish Buzz!
Parker is really good at opening now!
Christmas morning was so much fun! The boys were so excited when they woke up and could not wait to get down the stairs. Cooper wanted to run down stairs as soon as he woke up. He was peeking and kept saying I see stuff bubby, he came he really came. It was so cute! They boys ran down the stairs and were so excited with all the presents. Baylor looked at Santa treats and thought he did a great job eating everything. He left them a note too and they were excited to see what Santa had to say. It was a great morning! The boys all had so much fun and it was so neat to watch them and see how excited they were. Cooper wanted to open every toy as soon as he opened the gift and he really loved the candy in his stocking. Baylor loved his art table and Spanish Buzz. Both boys were so excited about their remote control helicopters and we had them open and charging before we left for Mimi's house. Parker had fun with all the paper and boxes! Daddy had us all surprised with three final gifts in the garage. Cooper got a tent, Baylor got a real four wheeler and Mommy got a new car. I was completely one hundred percent surprised and shocked! It was such a great Christmas!

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