Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Another Visit to Jolly Days

What a fun day!
Doing some cooking.
Resting after a skating session.
Park loved the slide!
Mimi read some books to him.
I sure do love this handsome boy of mine.
He did some resting in the stroller.
Coop wanted to make a stop in the Barbie exhibit to call Santa on the pink phone. He was hilarious talking to him!
Coop played checker with me by his rules.
Catching a big one.
Coop loves the ice castle. I was on Coop patrol today so I had lots of pictures of him.
Brothers sliding together. Baylor was making sure he was going to win.
Feeding the reindeer.
We wanted to get back to Jolly Days one more time before school let out for Christmas vacation. It gets really crowded and is much more enjoyable when there are not as many people. Today was a great day to go. We didn't have to wait in a long line for the slide and the Christmas area was not too crowded. We had a great time and enjoyed our day. The boys love going to the museum with Mimi and always have so much fun. Jolly Days is one of our favorite holiday traditions.

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