Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Circus Fun with Friends

We were all ready.
Baylor as a clown.
Miss Gigi is so funny and absolutely adorable.
Parker was a big fan of the cotton candy.
The blue icee really turned their lips blue, we had to scrub to get it off.
Daddy and Baylor.
All five kiddos at intermission.
Parker loved the circus. He was dancing and waving and did great the entire time.
Coop sat by Gigi part of the time. She was nice enough to share her popcorn with him.
Andi is such a great friend!
It was a great show!
A few years ago Andi and I decided instead of continuing to buy gifts for all the kids our families would do something fun together. This year the circus was in town in December so we decided to all go together. The kids have such a great time together and loved the circus. It was a great night and so much fun to be with great friends. Thanks Andi, Baron, Addi, and Gigi for a great time at the greatest show on earth.

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