Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Jolly Days with Ethan

Parker had a great time.
Baylor by all the decorations at the front of the museum. There are so many new decorations this year and it all looks great.
Baylor and Cooper racing on the slide. We went on the yule slide several times.
We went to penguin story time and made this cute craft.
You could try on a penguin costume and slide on your belly like a penguin. All the boys loved this slide!
Our group with Santa minus Mimi the photographer. We are trying to get Ethan to be a fan of Santa this season. At least he's not screaming:).
Baylor has loved cooking in this oven since he was Ethan's age.
Ethan had fun cooking, but he wanted to put it all in his mouth.
All the boys were bringing us food.
That's quite a combination of Baylor's baking sheet.
Park took it all in from the stroller.
Coop liked feeding and brushing the reindeer.
He also liked skating on the pond.
I think he's cheating at ice fishing:).
Playing in the ice castle.
Baylor doing it the right way.

This snow globe is new this year and you can press the button and it snows. It is so cute!

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