Thursday, November 18, 2010

Time with Mama

Mama, Mimi, and Baylor.
He is full of personality!
I was the lucky one who got to sit with him.
Park was worn out from all the fun.
This morning Parker and I stayed home and waited for the washer repairman.
It started gushing water yesterday. It was not one of my finer moments of remaining calm, I was feeling a little overwhelmed with Tom being gone and this added malfunction was a little too much. Thankfully Tom's dad came over and turned off the water.
The good news is it can be fixed, the bad news is the part is on back order. Poor Mimi! I really appreciate her help with our laundry especially since we leave in the morning!
I am still looking for a laundry fairy.
This morning Mimi took Mama for an eye appointment and her eye is doing much better and everything looks good. Mama spent the day with Mimi since Papa had to have a colonoscopy. After school we all went to lunch at Chili's. It's always busy at lunch with three boys but it went pretty well. The boys were happy to spend time with Mimi and Mama. After lunch we went to the Christmas Tree Shop. Baylor loves loves loves this store and finds lots of things he can't live without. Thankfully they usually range in price from $.99-2.99. I found lots of Christmas crafts for the boys and even nutcrackers they could paint. They love to work on presents for people. Mama loved looking around and found some cute things too. On the way home we heard that Papa's test went great and everything was okay so we were thankful for two great reports! I am now trying to get everyone packed and ready to go see Uncle Joe early in the morning. I will be glad when we make it there.

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