Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Boys and their Trees

Baylor did most of his tree all by himself. He didn't want to finish it too fast because he loves to put the ornaments on. He arranged all of his holiday cuddlies under his tree. He has all of his nutcrackers on his dresser.
Baylor's tree 2010.
He loves Nutcrackers!
Coop loves his tree.
He was a good little decorator. He loves to point out all of his ornaments.
He put out his manger scene and likes to kiss baby Jesus.
Parker only has his little tree this year but he likes it.
This little tree is so special because his big brothers gave it to him to decorate the hospital when he was born last year. We needed a little Christmas spirit in our room!

The boys are so proud of their trees and worked so hard to decorate their rooms. Baylor adds new little touches each day. They love having their trees on at nap time. It does make their rooms feel so cozy!

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