Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Jockamos Pre-Opening Event

I enjoyed the night with Tom. We need to do this more.
Uncle Tom and I split the Maui and Aunt Bev and Tom split the Slaughter house 5.
Laura, Tom's cousin, with her parents.
Jockamos is one of my favorite places to eat. I love the Maui pizza and the creamy Parmesan dip for the breadsticks. It is such a fun restaurant and has such a fun vibe. Tom's cousin and her husband are also part owners with another couple. We were so excited to get invited to the pre-opening event for the new restaurant in Greenwood. It is a great space and is so big. We sat with Uncle Tom and Aunt Bev and had a great time. The event was for adults only which was nice for Tom and I and thankfully Pappaw was able to watch the boys. He had all three and I think they wore him out:). The new restaurant is now open and it is fabulous. I would definitely recommend Jockamos to everyone! I cant wait to go again and see carry out in our future since the new location is close to Tom's office.

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