Tuesday, November 16, 2010


They were having fun.
What a big boy.

He ate macaroni like a big boy.
He was worn out after his big day.
We had a great Mops meeting today with three speakers. One of the ladies is a missionary is Africa and helps train women how to sew purses and bags and make jewelry. This helps the ladies earn income and help support their family. She brought items to sell that were amazing. She has talked at our church before and it was so neat to hear how this program is helping families and making such a huge impact on the lives of some many.We also had a lady come and speak about the women's shelter we are donating money from our auction to and a women's health therapist. It was a great meeting! After Mops Jen and I took Ethan and Parker to lunch at McAllister's and shopping at Target and Marshalls. The little boys had a good time tapping back and forth on the table with each other. They were so cute interacting with each other. Cooper had PDO at school and was there longer and Baylor went with Mimi. Mimi is in charge of the Missions Banquet and she had lots of errands and things to get ready. Baylor thought he was a big deal and loved that he got to skip nap to help set up at church.

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d_freestone said...

Seeing Parker in a Big Boy high chair....Holy Cow!!! He is so grown up! When your Christmas pictures are on your photographer's web site, let me know! I LOVE looking at them!