Monday, November 1, 2010

Cooper's Three Year Well Child Visit

He was a good boy and let them check him all out.
He weighed 33.4 pounds and was 36 inches tall.
No doctor visit is complete without playing with some gloves.
I love him so!
Dr. Greenfield gave him a Pooh book for a great visit. He was so excited to read it!
Cooper had his three year well child visit today. I can't believe he is three years old! He did a great job at the doctor and was quite a little show off. He showed how he could skip, stand on one foot, hop, jump, etc. He answered lots of questions about his favorite foods, books, shows, etc. His favorite part about the visit was playing in the sink the entire time. I kept pulling him off the chair away from the sink but he would drift back again and again. He had to get a shot but he barely even cried. He did tell the nurse, you hurt me and that is not nice. It was so funny how he said it. She told him she was sorry and gave him a sucker and all was forgotten:).

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