Monday, November 1, 2010

Parker's 9 Month Well Child Visit

He is such a good baby.
He likes to check things out and get his hands on things.
He got a new hippo board book. He was happy!
This face is hilarious.
Parker weighed 25.8 pounds and was 31 inches long.
His head circumferences was 46 inches.
Parker is ten months old but his nine month visit was today. We had to reschedule because of a school conflict and this was the soonest appointment available. He did a great job today and was happy the whole visit. It was longer than normal since we did both boys but he was great. He was busy talking and making noise the whole time. He had lots to talk to Dr. Greenfield about. He only had to get his second flu shot today and he didn't cry a bit. I can't believe the next time we go back he will be one!

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