Sunday, November 28, 2010

Polar Express

We were so excited.
It wasn't dark yet when we got there so we could look around the train.
The conductor was talking to us and telling us we had to be to the North Pole by midnight. He was so good with kids!
I got to sit by Cooper.
Daddy got to sit by Baylor.
Coop had the perfect spot for his Elfie.
We had a great night.
Hot Hot!!!
He wanted to do cheers all night.
Getting the official punch.
Baylor's golden ticket.
I sure do love these boys of mine.
They are super pals!
Baylor with his Elfie.
I love watching Christmas through his eyes. He is so excited about everything.
Visiting with Santa.
Baylor made Santa three ornaments.
The boys love the movie Polar Express and love reading the book. They ring our magic bell all the time and say "The First Gift of Christmas". Tonight we took Baylor and Cooper back for a magical ride on the Polar Express. After going last year we thought it would be better if we didn't take Park. You are on the train for a little over two hours and he could not really get down at all. Baylor and Cooper were so excited! We watched the movie on the way to Connersville and they both brought their Elfie with them to go on the ride. The Polar Express is such a fun train. All the kids wear pajamas and they have chefs who pass out hot chocolate and Christmas cookies. They play songs from the movie and read the story for you to follow along with. After passing five time zones you arrive at the North Pole and sing loudly for Santa to come out. There are lots of lights and the boys thought it was great! Santa boards the train and then visits each family on the ride back to the station. The boys brought presents for Santa again and he give all the kids their own magic bell. We all had a great time on the Polar Express!

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