Saturday, November 6, 2010

Baylor Loses His First Tooth

He thinks it's a big hole.
The little tooth.
He thinks it feels funny.
Toothless wonder.
I knew it wasn't long before Baylor was going to lose his first tooth. At his last dental appointment his dentist said several of his teeth felt loose and she could see his adult teeth on the x-rays. For the past few weeks he has been complaining when we brush his teeth that they hurt. Today after lunch his teeth were hurting and he started to play with one. He started wiggling it and it popped right out. He was worried he was in trouble and that he couldn't find his tooth. We found it in the chair and he was so excited. His little tooth is so tiny! I told him the tooth fairy may use this tooth for Parker since he is getting his baby teeth. Baylor wants to keep it though so he has left a note for the tooth fairy. He wants to make sure the tooth fairy comes though! He is now our toothless wonder!

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