Friday, November 12, 2010

Lenape Indians at Conner Prairie

Such a great day!
He loved playing in the leaves.
Telling the animals bye for the winter.
He loves Conner Prairie.
We didn't need to stay warm by the fire today.
The fur trader told the kids about different goods in his store.
Taking a nap.
Peek a boo!
Riding in the canoe.
Dancing with Miss Mary.
Baylor's shaker.
It was a beautiful fall day here and I know it may be the last one like it for the rest of the year. I was so glad we had a class at Conner Prairie and would be able to spend time outside. The class was all about Indians and the boys had a great time. They made their own shaker, did an Indian dance, had a snack, read a book, and played games. After all the indoor fun we headed to the Lenape Indian camp. The kids were able to go in the homes and the trading post. Conner Prairie is closed for the season so we were the only people on the grounds. It was so fun and such a perfect fall day. We were able to see some of the animals one more time and tell them we would see them again in the spring.

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