Thursday, November 11, 2010

Parker at Play

He loves the tree.
We are working on not touching the ornaments. Just look is or phrase.
He is so happy.
He is getting all four top teeth and his second bottom tooth all at once.
He thinks he is a big deal.
He loves these little cars.
Standing inside the train table drawer.
Look at me mom!
Parker is really busy right now and is on the move. He loves to play and thinks he is a big deal. He pushes cars and trucks around and loves the little ride ons. He is also a big fan of the train table. He moves the little trains back and forth and makes a funny noise when he does it. This week he figured how to climb into the drawer of the train table and then on top of the table. He may be a climber like Mr. Cooper. He also loves balls and rolling them back and forth. Parker is so much fun and is a big talker too. He always has something to say and is quite loud. He does say mama, dada, bye bye, all done, and tree. He says wow when he sees the Christmas tree and then wants to go right for the ornaments.

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