Saturday, November 27, 2010

Santa Breakfast

The other boys did not want to sit with Santa but Baylor is always ready for a visit.
We look a little big for the train:).
Coop's turn to ride with Uncle Joe.
Daddy and B.
Parker loved riding.
A family pic wasn't happening.
Park in a bow.
He was quite happy that Santa wrapped his package with a big bow. He wanted to keep his Santa ribbon.
Mrs. Claus delivered the special presents from Santa.
Mimi, Coop, and Daddy.
Park was in charge at the head of the table.
We love Uncle Joe.
So happy!
Last night we went to dinner at Chili's with Mimi, Pop, and Uncle Joe. Afterwards Baylor and Cooper both spent the night at Mimi's house. They were so excited and had been waiting to be able to spend the night when Uncle Joe was home. They put up the Christmas train and a smaller train under Mimi's family room tree. They had the best time and loved spending the time with Joe Joe. This morning we all went back to the State Museum for Santa's breakfast. The breakfast was delicious and they had the best cinnamon rolls ever! Mrs. Claus brought the boys a present from Santa while we were eating:). They both got a Sing a Ma Jig and a book about Santa. After a tasty breakfast and a fun time talking together we headed to Santa's house. We had to wait in line today so we rode the train three times while Mimi waited in line. Parker loves the train and smiles and dances the whole time. They were excited to see their presents for Santa in his house. We had a nice visit with Santa and then checked out a little of the museum before leaving. We were so glad Uncle Joe was home to go with us and have a little holiday fun.

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