Saturday, November 13, 2010

Browsing, Shopping, and Playing

We all love to eat at Champp's.
Coop wanted to be like Daddy.
Parker was playing peek a boo with the menu.
He loved watching the girls.
Coop and Gabrielle had so much fun together.
A little dance party in Cooper's room.
Lynley and Parker both wanted the Dora car. Can you tell what Parker thought about sharing?
Baylor "read" some books to Gabrielle and Coop.
They watched Backyardigans on the Ipad while sitting on the new couch.
They are only a week apart in age.
Friday night Tom was home and we went to two furniture stores and to Chili's for dinner. While shopping we found a couch that we liked for the game room. We wanted to look a few more places but put a hold on it. Saturday morning Tom made breakfast and then Parker and I left early for Toysrus and some doorbuster deals. He can go along with me to a toy store without wanting anything:). We met Tom and the boys to go to several store. We went to Limpus, Loews, and two more furniture. We are trying to get ideas for our remodel project. The boys were really good at all the store and Baylor found lots of thing he thought were awesome in the furniture stores. He would tell us all the good things about each piece of furniture, a future salesman! We ate lunch at Champps and then ended up at Kittles to buy the sectional from the night before. We were able to load it in the trailer and bring it home. Brian Brown and his girls came over to help us move it upstairs. Since Kim was out of town on work they stayed and ate dinner with us and played. The boys had so much fun playing. I watched the kids while Tom and Brian moved the furniture and they were all so cute dancing to Christmas music.

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