Friday, November 19, 2010

Good Morning Baltimore

Our family at the aquarium.
Baylor inside the huge shark mouth.
I was so worried how this morning would go. I had to get up at 3:15am and get all three boys ready and our stuff in van and be at Mimi's house by 4:30 am. Our flight left for Baltimore at 6:30am. Tom was already in Maryland and was going to meet us at the airport. Thankfully the boys were so good in the morning and got ready so nicely even though it was so very early. We made it to our gate as they were boarding and got on the plane right on time. The boys did so good on the plane. Baylor sat with Pop and they colored and Cooper and Parker sat with Mimi and Mommy. I was shocked that Cooper did not fall asleep. I was so happy to see Tom at the airport after a long week away and the boys could not wait to see their Daddy. Since we arrived at 7:40 am we took our stuff to the hotel and then went to breakfast. Everyone was starving since we had been up so long. After breakfast we headed to the National Aquarium in Baltimore. It was such a neat aquarium. The dolphin show was fantastic and the dolphins did so many neat tricks. They also had so many sharks and you could see them from so many angles. We also went to a 4D IMAX show of the Polar Express that was awesome. What a neat show! After a great time at the aquarium we met Joe at Hard Rock Cafe for a late lunch. We were all so happy to see him! After lunch we walked to a few stores with Joe before he had to leave to get ready for his show. We drove back to our hotel and went to a huge mall right by the parking lot. There was a Bass Pro shop which is now Baylor's favorite store. We also went to the Disney Store, The Lego Store, and a few others spots. It was a great mall. We had to hurry and get ready for Joe's opera back at the hotel. Tom stayed with all three boys and I went to the Opera with Mimi and Pop. The boys

were so good for Tom and he took them all back to the mall and they ate at the food court and played in the Bass Pro Shop. Santa's Wonderland was set up and they had several big toys displays out where you could play and test out the toys. There were also games and coloring stations. They had a great time and were all asleep when we got back from the show. It was opening night of the opera and Megan met us there. She drove from Pennsylvania and got there right in time. The opera was great and Joe did a wonderful job. We are all so proud of him and all of his accomplishments! It was so neat to see where he goes to school and hear him sing! It was a packed first day of fun.

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