Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Mops Playdate at JPAC

Look who asked lots of questions.
Sliding into the big pit.
Baylor loved the relay races.
They were working on jumping, see Baylor in the back.
Parker had fun playing around.
This swing was a hit with all the kids.
They wore off lots of energy.
Baylor climbing in the big pit.
All the kids had a great time.
Coop wants to go back soon.
Ethan had a great time.
He wanted in the foam pit like the big kids.
Go Baylor!
Jen and I did a little jumping on the trampolies too. We still can jump!
Go Jen!
One of my responsibilities with Mops is to plan play dates for the moms and their cute kids. I had heard about a new gym, Jaycie Phelps Athletic Complex, and was anxious to try it out. It worked out great because they would allow all the age ranges we have at one time. The kids had a wonderful time and had so much fun. The gym was so neat and the staff was great. It was all brand new and they have some really neat equipment. Thankfully people invited friends so we had a great turn out. Baylor ended up having five kids from his kindergarten class come and he had a blast. Both boys want to go back again soon.

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