Saturday, November 6, 2010

Trim the Tree:)

My little helpers.
Coop hung about five ornaments on one branch. He has broken several already while we were working. He wants to help so bad though.
The tree so far, there are still lots of ornaments to add. We had to stop for the night for showers and bed since we have church in the morning.
Parker the reindeer.
When I was wearing the antlers and dancing and singing he thought I was pretty funny.
When he would get an ornament out he was say this one is my "savorite".
He was doing a little dance singing Rudolph. We were listening to Christmas music on Pandora, we heard so many great songs. Earlier in the day we listend to Josh Groban, David Phelps, and Amy Grant, all my Christmas favorites.
Baylor helped entertain Parker who was in the cage.
Baylor was a big help today.
He even helped carry in the tree.
Coop played alot today and enjoyed the bendaroos.

Mimi got each of the boys a basket and she brought them over today. Baylor got Ocean Wonders and Cooper got the dinosaur and train basket. They were both so excited! Thanks Mimi and Pop!
It's beginning to look alot like Christmas at our house. We always like to put up our decorations early so we can enjoy them a little bit longer. Today was the day to start spreading the holiday cheer at the Hurst household. Baylor had basketball evaluations this morning and then we got started when they got home. We got a great start on the decorating but still have a ways to go before we are all done. We listened to Christmas music all day long too and the boys put on their feet jammies. It will be here before we know it!

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Emily said...

I love that you're already decorating for Christmas!!! :-) I'm going to take my fall stuff down today.