Wednesday, November 10, 2010

First Visit of the Season

This is our best Santa picture of the day.
Parker was not a fan of Santa.
Poor Santa had a lap full with the three brothers.
Ethan was up next and he was really not a fan! He had that cry where they don't even take a breath. He was really upset but would smile at Santa from a distance.
Mimi got the boys these reindeer balloon hats.
They were big and really hard to carry when they were done wearing them.
We had a good time.
Since Daddy was gone tonight we started our Christmas crafting to help pass the time.
We painted plates, mugs, and ornaments.
The big boys were hard at work and Parker was busy watching and singing to the Christmas music.
Cooper loves to paint and even added a little bit of blue paint to his goldfish. He wanted to wrap those for a present too:).
Today was our first time to visit Santa for the season. After school we met Jenny and Ethan at the Gift and Hobby Show. The boys remembered going last year and were excited to see Santa for the first time. Baylor has already started his list so he was excited to share it with the big man himself. He wants the remote control Spanish Buzz, an art table, and legos. I know this list will grow as we watch commercials and circle items in books throughout the season. Cooper told Santa he wants the remote control Buzz, Thomas the train, and dinosaurs. Parker was not too happy with Santa and I do not think he has any requests for Santa. Mimi and I always like going to the gift and hobby show and we love the book and coloring book booth. There is lots of junk:), but it makes it feel like the start of the season. We also had several yummy treats along the way!

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Looks like so much fun!