Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Missions Banquet

Cooper loves Pastor Andy!
Baylor sat with Sharmin and she helped him get his food. He was a big eater!
Pastor Mecwan.
Roshin, Tina, and Mimi.
Parker loved the music.
The joy jammers sang at the Missions Banquet and I was nervous because it was my first time to sing in "big" church. Somehow singing with the kids in Joyland each Sunday feels much more safe, but it went great. The kids did an awesome job and the songs were really good. We sang three songs and opened the night. The boys loved watching the joy jammers and Parker was dancing along. I was so thankful that Roshin and Sharmin could help watch the boys while we practiced since Mimi was busy getting everything ready and I was alone. It worked out well. I always love hearing about the work of missionaries. Growing up I loved when our church had the Missions Conference and would want to go to church each night. When I was little my "boyfriend" was the pastor's son and we were going to get married and be missionaries in Africa. Oh how things change! There were several missionaries that spoke about their ministries including Pastore Mecwan and then Pastor Tele was the main speaker. He is a great speaker and I love to hear what he has to say. The boys loved their dinner and enjoyed playing with all the kids during the service.

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