Thursday, November 5, 2009

Not the Original Plan

Cooper was happy the xrays were over!
Megan helped Baylor with his car. I had the new peppermint chocolate chip milkshake, can we say delicious!!!

Let's just say today did not go as originally planned. We had planned to pick Mimi up and go to church to count tables and help her get a few things organized. We were then going to lunch and to a few stores to get things Mimi needed. This morning after breakfast I was folding clothes in the laundry room and the boys were playing with some of the ornaments on the tree. They like to turn on the ones with music and dance. Then Baylor put on his knight costume and was chasing Cooper. Cooper calls him a bad guy in the costume and is afraid. The stopped chasing and Baylor jumped off the ottoman before settling down. His shadow, Cooper, followed him and jumped off the ottoman too but did not land on his feet. He did not cry but I could tell it bothered him. He came and sat on the couch by me while I finished. When we were getting ready upstairs I could tell he was limping. He was hard to tell what exactly was hurting him and he would tell me something different every time I asked. We did get Mimi and go to church and we both kept watching him. I stripped him down so we could get a better idea of his leg. He was playing in the playland and could do everything but had more of a hop than a run. I decided to call the doctor and she said to bring him in for an appointment and to get xrays. We ended up leaving church early and going to lunch. Megan's interview ended up getting postponed until tomorrow so she went with us to Steak n Shake. Luckily Tom's dad was able to watch Baylor so Mimi could go back to church and work while I took Cooper. We had to wait a long time but Cooper did great. Since I am pregnant I was not able to go in the xray room which was hard but Cooper was able to see me and only cried a little. I was so proud of him and he did great! He kept telling the lady, "no more pictures". He is so funny. Thankfully the doctor called and said the xrays looks normal and that it is probably a pulled muscle. However we are supposed to watch him closely over the next few days to see if he still favors his leg and limps. With little ones fractures do not always show up and they would xray again and look for any differences between the two different days. I am so thankful that he does not have to go to the bone doctor tomorrow or get a cast. With the dinner it would have been a hard day and I am hoping he gets better!

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