Saturday, October 17, 2009

Gigi's 2nd Birthday

All bundled up at the pumpkin patch.

All the kids with their pumpkins.
Baylor and Gigi working on the scavenger hunt.

Miss Gigi celebrated her 2nd birthday at her pumpkin patch birthday party today. The boys were so excited for the party. Cooper loves Gigi and talk about her all the time. The sun was shining bright which made it perfect for a chilly today at the orchard and pumpkin patch. The kids had a pumpkin patch scavenger hunt with eight clues. Baylor did a great job with the clues and loved finding the items hanging in the trees. Cooper enjoyed pulling the tags off the tree. After the hunt we went on a hayride to the pumpkin patch. The kids could pick any pumpkin they wanted and they were HUGE! Baylor picked a big fat one and Cooper's pumpkin was tall and skinny. They had a contest for the pumpkins and the kids got prizes. Cooper was excited to pick out his prize. We had snacks and hot chocolate which was great for the kids and warmed us up. Gigi was so cute singing to herself with her adorable pumpkin cake. Happy Birthday Gigi! We love you! Thanks for a great party.

*Would you believe I did not have my battery in my camera? Tom took a few pictures with his phone but they are not that great. Andrea is going to email me more later so I will have pictures of the birthday girl. She is such a doll!

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