Thursday, October 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Cooper

Cooper the birthday king!
He loved riding the "horsie".
Up, Up, Up!
Singing with Chuckie Cheese.
Mimi and Coop.
Pop helped Baylor get lots of tickets.
They had fun playing my favorite game.

I can hardly believe my blue eyed chubby cheek little boy turned two today. Oh how quickly the past two years have gone by. Cooper has brought so much joy to our lives and he is such a fun little guy to be around. He is such a happy little boy and loves spending time with his big brother. He watches every move and tries to be just like him. Today we went to Chuckie Cheese to celebrate with Cooper. Daddy was still in Arizona but Mimi and Pop went with Baylor and I. He had a great time playing games and riding rides with his brother. Chuckie Cheese brought him a birthday cake and sang to him. He is really a pro at blowing out candles after all the cupcakes and candles in Disney. He always says, "Happy to you"! He has been saying, "My two", all day today. Tonight the boys and I had a quite night at home with his favorite dinner of macaroni and cheese. It was a fun day and a great way to celebrate Cooper. We love you so and are so thankful you are part of our family. You are so special and we feel so blessed to be your parents! We can't wait to watch you grow and change and learn new things as a two year old.


d_freestone said...

Okay COOP!!!!! Happy, Happy Birthday! It will be great to see pictures of you all at Disney! I know that you had a wonderful time!!!

jamie said...

Happy Birthday, Cooper! I can't believe how quickly these 2 years have gone by. We hope you have a wonderful birthday!!

The Gambrel Family said...

Happy Birthday Coop! We hope you had a fun filled day!

d_freestone said...

Love the Chuckie Cheese Pictures. The joy on Cooper's face made Tom and I smile!