Monday, February 8, 2010

Friend Day

Great friends and such cuties!
Can you tell Cooper loves Jack?
Maddy and Parker. She said, "he grewed up really fast". She is so funny.
Happy Birthday Drew!
They were busy crafting together.

Baylor thinks Maddy is great.
They were looking for pirates.
Cooper kept giving Jack more nuggets.
What a great day!
Baylor was excited for P day at school because it was pajama day. He wore his penguin feet jammies and was very comfy. After school Maddy, Drew, and Jack came over to play. Jamie brought us all McDonald's and the kids were all quite happy. The kids had a great time playing together and all played so well together. Baylor loves Maddy and Drew and Cooper was quite happy with "ack" or Jack. The kids also worked on some Valentine crafts and made some beautiful things. We also celebrated Drew's birthday since he turns 4 this week. We had cupcakes and ice cream and Drew blew out four candles. The other kids wanted to blow out a candle too so we let everyone have one candle. We all had a great time and enjoyed a day with great friends!

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