Sunday, February 7, 2010

More Snow Fun

A big icicle.
Can't wait to play in the spring back here!

Making the trek.
Before church.
Parker is wearing the outfit Baylor wore on his first Sunday at church when he was a baby.

Thankfully we were able to go to church this morning. I was ready to get out and loved going to church. Afterwards Tom went to the grocery again to get ready for his party food. Later in the day I went to go see Dear John with Mimi, Pop, and Parker. I could not wait to see this movie after reading the book and I loved it. Nicholas Sparks is one of my very favorite authors. The boys went outside again and played with Daddy. They spent their time in the backyard this time. They had fun playing on the swingset and going down the slide into a snow pile. They also found a great hill in the backyard without any trees in the way for sledding. They had a great time again and loved playing with Daddy!

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Nicole said...

The boys are so handsome in their church outfits! What a great photo!