Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Abe Lincoln at the State Museum

Baylor and the coach. Cooper wanted to get in and go for a ride.
Baylor enjoyed learning about Abe and taking the quiz at the end.
Fishing fun.
He's looking like such a big boy.
They love the tractors.
Hugging on the bridge.
Playing the fossil game.
Parker enjoyed his time snoozing away.
Coop was worn out and fell asleep in the car and I was able to put him to bed to continue nap without waking up.

We were all so happy to get out today and we headed to the Indiana State Museum. There is a new Abraham Lincoln exhibit to help commemorate his 200th birthday. Baylor has been singing an Abe Lincoln song from school and has really been interested in learning about presidents. The exhibit is really neat with lots of amazing artifacts. In the lobby they have the actual coach Lincoln and his wife rode in on the night he was shot at the Ford Theatre. The only bad part of the exhibit is that no strollers are allowed inside so we had to try and carry Parker and Cooper. Cooper did not last very long and him and I left and went to the animal exhibit to fish with Parker. We are going back on Friday night with Pop and Daddy so I am excited to see more of the exhibit. There is a scavenger hunt for Lincoln busts throughout the museum. They are hidden among the various exhibits and if you find them all you get a special prize. Baylor was so excited because he got two special Lincoln pennies. Wow! We went to some other exhibits too and spent a long time at the museum. The boys were able to run around and explore and have fun. It is such a great place and so nice because it is not crowded. I don't worry about Parker being around too many germs either.

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Anonymous said...

Awwww ... Love your pictures and we are so glad you had fun visiting us at the Indiana State Museum! Please come back soon!