Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Getting Ready for Valentine's Day

Mimi and her pal.
Nice cheese face Coop!
He made some beautiful things.
Parker was feeling the love.
Baylor made this card for Parker and wrote his name. Not sure what Parker thought of it.
He loves stickers.
He was putting his fingers all in the ink pad.
We love you Parker!

Two little bakers at work.
They put the cups in the pans.
Adding some hearts.

He ate two cupcakes and was a huge mess.
He headed right to the sink for a mini bath when he was done! He loves to wash in the sink.

Once again we woke up to snow and schools were cancelled. Baylor was bummed because he knew today was his Valentine's Party at school. We have been getting ready for it at home and he was so excited. We will still have it but not until Feb. 19. They are off school on Friday and Monday for President's Day. After playing and arguing this morning I knew we needed to have activities for the rest of the day. The boys and I made Valentine cupcakes that turned out quite tasty. They were very happy with the sprinkles and had them everywhere but had a great time. Thankfully Mimi came over with a basket of Valentine crafts that kept us all busy for a few hours. Mimi is having a little Valentine party for the boys after church on Sunday so we made place mats and decorations for her party. They turned out so cute and both boys did a great job. Cooper was quite happy with the stamp pad and was red all over. They also made some cards for friends and family. Baylor went home with Mimi this afternoon and is going to spend the night. He couldn't wait to go to Mimi and Pop's house. They took some of our cupcakes and cards to Mecwan and his family. Baylor was proud to share his yummy cupcakes.

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d_freestone said...

The boys are sooo crafty! You and Mimi are training them well! I so enjoy all of your posts and pictures! Thank you for sharing!
Happy Valentine's Day to YOU, too!