Friday, November 16, 2012

InstaFriday: November 16

It's Friday again and Thanksgiving is only one week away!  I can't believe the holidays are approaching so quickly.  I love this time of year and am excited to enjoy the time with my cuties.  Here are some of our instagram pictures from the past two weeks.  I love instagram, so much fun!
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1.  Sweet baby before church.
2. Parker doing a little dancing before family pictures.  They turned out great!  Thankful for Rachel at Songbirds and Sons photography.
3. Parker getting cozy by the fire.
4. Hi Cowboy!
5. Parker waiting for his turn at the dentist.  He was cavity free and such a big boy.  He went back by himself and did great.  Sometimes I forget that he's only 2 because he acts so old.
6. He loved Monkey Joe's.
7. Sawyer's first time to bat at the toys on his bouncy seat.  He was all smiles.
8. Time for a check up.
9. Fog delay meant time for morning snuggles before school.
 1. Good Morning Sunshine!
2. I love this little turkey hand Parker made at preschool.
3.  Coop doing a little painting.  He decided this painting would go to Daddy.
4.  Santa baby, I die from cuteness.
5. Mr. Blue eyes.
6. Broncos fans.
 1. Miss Jamie brought Baylor lunch and he got to eat Subway in Mrs. Crull's class.
2. My cowboy boots.
3. Pot roast, I love having dinner ready so early in the morning.
4. Snoozing.
5. Line dancing.
6. A boy and his dog.
7. I have moved on from my pumpkin kick to peppermint.  This ice cream is fabulous!!!
8. Yummy food at the Pioneer Woman party.
9. Sweet Sawyer before church.
10.  I want to soak all these sweet smiles up.  I'm crazy about him.
11. Playing wears him out.
12.  I spent time looking at all of the Christmas pictures from years past when I got out the decorations.  Sometimes I wish I could have just a few hours with Baylor as a toddler again.  I love that boy!
13. Roses from our rose bush in November! Crazy but so beautiful.
 The game room exploded...where to start.  I was overwhelmed but then got on a cleaning kick.  So glad it's done.
Before and After is always so rewarding.
1. Love to watch him sleep.
2. Baylor's art work in progress at art class.
3. Those lips.
4.  I love chubby baby hands and those sweet dimples.
5. Thankful for this turkey.
6. PDO made for a successful shopping trip with Mimi.  No babies were hurt in this photo:).
7. Girl's Night Out.  We ate at Bru Burger, if you haven't been you must go.  It's wonderful!
8. Pink out Day at NPE for Mrs. Crull who was diagnosed with breast cancer.  We are praying for her and her family!
9. Sweet boys in feet jammies watching morning cartoons by the tree, I love it.
I'm so thankful for all of these pictures that capture the everyday.  Priceless memories and moments I don't want to forget!

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Marla said...

So many sweet pics! Your boys are adorable!