Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Garage Progress

 Garage progress has been slow.  We had to wait on the surveyor, wait on the plans, wait on the zoning, wait, wait, wait.  We are finally to the point where we are seeing progress!
 This was our view outside our kitchen window during lunch on Tuesday.
 The first step was to move the power underground.  The yard is a disaster and Baylor said it looks like a giant mole invaded our yard, he is so right.  They also cut the dog fence wire which made for one unhappy pup.
 There is mud everywhere!
 Bax back on a leash outside.
 Next up was taking out the giant tree stumps so that they can get ground ready for garage.
 There are two giant holes in the yard.
 We also had to move the well.
 It's a huge mess as well but I'm happy we have started.  We had hoped the garage would be done and usable before winter:(!
 They had to tear up a portion of the deck to reroute the wires.
 Park says, "Oh no our bridge is broken!".

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