Monday, November 19, 2012

A Big Haircut

After church on Sunday we headed to Champ's for lunch.  We had talked Baylor into a big haircut for basketball season.  It was easier to use this as a good reason, but really he was in desperate need of a cut!  He loved longer hair but it had gotten out of control.  He was really nervous.  This was his last picture before his big haircut.  We went to Red's Barber again and they do such a good job.  He was crying when the lady was cutting his hair and she thought she kept getting hair in his eye:).  Once he saw it and it was all finished he was happy!

 So handsome!  He looks so cute.  He said he likes it but it still going to grow it out again, we will see.
 Parker sat like a big boy for his hair cut too.
 Then it was Coop's turn.
 Park got a little bored while we waited so we took pictures and read some books.  
 We hurried home and dropped off Parker and Daddy and picked up Mimi and headed to the highschool to watch the musical, Beauty and the Beast.  Sarah was in the musical and we were excited to see her.
The show was great and the costumes were amazing.  As soon as it was over we had to hurry home because Bible study was starting at our house in 15 minutes.  It was a busy Sunday!

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Diane Freestone said...

I LOVE Baylor's haircut! He looks extra handsome!