Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Build a Bear

After preschool we headed to Castleton to do some shopping and Mimi wanted to take the boys to Build a Bear.  Cooper had a traumatic dentist appointment on Tuesday that I can't even talk about.  It was bad and he seriously cried for three hours afterwards.  
She also wanted to take Parker since he had a broken leg.  Poor boys.
This store was just remodeled and it's awesome.  The bathtub is amazing.  The little toys put digital pictures in the tub.  The rubber duckies swim with feet on the screen when you move them around and the bar of soap makes suds.  It's so cute.
Parker could've stayed there all day!
He picked Rudolph and Cooper picked the Peppermint Puppy.
Next we visited Santa.  Cooper had Liberty Bear from preschool too.
The three boys.
 Love Parker's smile.  He dressed Rudolph as Santa.
Santa's little elf.

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Emily said...

Oh Jessie! I'm so sorry that Cooper had such a bad dentist appointment. :-( That's as hard on you as it is on him.