Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Jingle Rails and the State Museum

After preschool we picked up Mimi and then went and got Baylor out of school too.  He wanted to see Jingle Rails before Christmas and the time is quickly dwindling.  It was so nice to go during the week and it was not crowded at all.  We were also able to bring the stroller in again which was so nice with Parker and Sawyer.
The lady gave us an I Spy sheet to use around the exhibit and he had so much fun looking for all of the items.
The exhibit is awesome.
He was looking at the train going over our heads.
So many details.
Then we went downstairs to the activity area to play.
They love it here.
Going on a stage coach ride.
Playing in the store.
One more look at the trains.
Then we walked to the Indiana State Museum for lunch and to see Santa and ride the train one more time.

The love playing I Spy with the windows too.
He loves the giant Nutcrackers.
He loves Christmas!
Then it was time to see Santa!
Parker didn't want to see Santa but these two talked to him for a long time.
Baylor had a long conversation with him.  Mimi also brought several boxes of candy and we passed them out to Santa and Mrs. Claus and different volunteers throughout the day.
On the train!  He really enjoyed his afternoon!

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Amy Brown said...

We went Friday and I told Santa about Cooper saying he knew all the other Santas were just helpers, but the real one was at the State Museum. He knew exactly who you guys was too cute!