Sunday, December 16, 2012

Small Group Christmas Party

Sunday night we had a small group Christmas party at the Purcell's house.  It was such a fun night!  I am so thankful for this group!
I'm not sure why my camera makes some pictures so bright but I want to document each couple in our group. Austin and Jamie lead our group and they are such a blessing!!!
Anna and Tom.
Robert and Amy.
See, what is this???? It must be because Carl is an angel:).
Carl and Nicole.
Elf Sawyer had never been in a swing and he was in love.
Andrea, Dave, and Arden.
Jamie had some games for us to play.
She was blocking the mirror so Carl wouldn't cheat.
The girls.
We were told to wear ugly Christmas attire, but somehow Tom and I were the only ones that followed through with that:), oh well!
Arden snoozing.
We played a white elephant exchange game too. Amy and Robert got these hunting snuggies that actually made them resemble Mary and Joseph.

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