Thursday, December 27, 2012

Happy Birthday Tom

 Today was Tom's 35th birthday!  He wanted to eat dinner at home tonight and picked BBQ stuffed baked potatoes for his birthday dinner.  We are going out on a date for his birthday to Sullivan's tomorrow night!

 His birthday dinner of choice.  
 The boys and I stayed home today and played and worked on cleaning up from Christmas.  We decorated for Daddy's birthday too.  The boys were excited and wanted to make it special for Tom.  They made him cards too.
 Mimi and Coop.
 Present time.
 They all wanted to help Daddy open his presents.  We got him a new tie rack, a North face sweatshirt and t-shirt.  Mimi and Pop got him Bose ear buds for when he travels and i-tunes card and a Buca gift card.  Yeah for date nights.
 Pop and Sawyer!

 Daddy wanted brownies tonight since we have had lots of cake lately.  They were tasty!  I love Parker's face here, he was so excited to sing.  Happy Birthday Tom!  We love you and are so thankful for you!

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