Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Morning

Santa came!
Love all the fun that awaits.  The unwrapped presents are from Santa:).
Cooper's pile.  He got an art table and a skateboard from Santa.
Santa's note.
Baxter's stocking.
Santa had Baylor's XBox set up and ready to go.
Baylor's stocking and presents.
Sawyer's pile.
Parker got the Dora house and Bouncy horse from Santa.  He was so excited.
Daddy's pile.
Mommy's pile.

XBox is on and ready for Baylor.
We had to wake up Parker but the other boys were up and ready before 7:00.
Checking it all out.
Reading Santa's note.
So excited about his house.

He kept playing with it.
Getting his safety gear on for his skateboard.
He wanted to play Madden right away.

His words, "I am so excited, I can't believe I have a skateboard"!
He was thrilled.
Trying it out.
Opening presents.
He loved getting some new clothes.
Sweet boy.
He loved his art table.
I'm sad this picture turned out like this because Tom was so excited to get a new mug made by Baylor.  His other one broke and he was so happy.
Move pieces to his dollhouse.
Setting it all up.
Love these boys.  They got me this sweet sign.  Sawyer slept through our Christmas morning, we had to wake him at 10:30 to get ready for Mimi's house.
My new hat and coat from the boys and Daddy.  It's so soft.
Coop got me a manicure set from preschool he was so sweet and excited to give it to me.
Baylor got me a bracelet and a new Santa.
Helping Parker open.
Playing his game!  We had a great Christmas morning at home.  Then it was time to get ready and head to Mimi's house. 

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